About Us
For more than forty years Laraway Roofing Inc., has provided Southern Minnesota with superior roofing services. Our focus has been commercial, industrial and institutional roofing. Since 1960, Laraway Roofing has been providing superior roofing services to clients across the southern half of Minnesota.
Just as every client is unique, so is every building's roof. We work closely with building owners, property managers, architects, consultants, plant engineers and general contractors to understand their requirements.
Our business is dependant upon developing relationships with our customers. Since our business was established, we have been designing, installing and maintaining roof solutions to meet the specific needs of our clients and maximize the value they receive. We at Laraway Roofing are all about our customer's and developing long-term, mutual, relationships.
By building relationships with our clients, we can understand their unique needs and can then and only then make recommendations concerning which type of roof system or service would be best for them.
Put us to the test and let us show you what we can do for you today and into the future.